~ ma crew ~

16 October 2011

..i miss these things..


# waking up at 8.00 and running outside to play with my friends
# not caring what i looked like
# not worrying if he would like me
# getting dirty and coming home and taking a bubble bath
# when swearing was such a bad thing
# when there wasn't such a thing as a rumor
# when getting in trouble at school was only because you wouldn't share your crayons, when your only number was your house number
# when we didn't spend 5 hours a day on FB, YM, SKYPE, MS, BLOG, THUMBR..
# when the only reason girls cried was when they got hurt or if someone died
# holding your moms hand while in the mall
# when the only music we listened to was on disney
# when or parents would plan who we hung out with
# when we did whatever we wanted without being judged
# when we didn't text all day

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